Opa Cove Sea Squirts Life Jacket



With three young children of varying swim ability, it is really hard to have any peace of mind while swimming with them. Although I tend to shy away from swimmy fins, swim/life vests and the like, when I saw the Opa Cove Sea squirts life jacket, I thought it would be worth a try.

Our daughter has the Clown Fish pattern, which she loves. In fact, she put on a coincidentally matching clown fish swim cap and swam around like Nemo for several hours this past weekend. The Sea Squirts also come in pink dolphin, grrreat white shark, blue dolphin and killa whale, all of which are very cute. They all come with a flexible fin on the back which makes it easier to “fish” a child out of the water, but to my daughter, it was just a part of her “costume”. We have a size small which is great for our 3 year old. She is learning to swim but still not proficient on her own in the water. Wearing the life jacket, she could swim around the pool on her own.

The life jacket is made of neoprene and comfortable against my daughter’s skin. The jacket zips up easily with a sturdy zipper. Opa Cove Sea Squirts Life Jackets are Type III U.S. Coast Guard certified as a Personal Flotation Devices. Type III personal flotation devices are apparently the least bulky and most comfortable for continuous wear in the water, which appears to be true, as my daughter was floating around the pool for nearly 2 hours in the Sea Squirts swim vest. Type III Personal Floatation Devices also provide good support for kids who have some swimming skills.

The Opa Cove Sea Squirts life jacket and swim vests are an adorable, fun way to stay safe and have peace of mind while swimming. We will be using it frequently over the summer!

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