Perry Mackin diaper bag

Beautiful, stylish, durable, functional, luxurious, ample, water resistant, spacious….I just can’t say enough about the Perry Mackin diaper bag. This bag has every bell and whistle that a diaper bag should, along with a fashionable yet understated design that both my husband and I love. I am the mom of an 11 month old girl and I am also 8 months pregnant with my second child. As a full time mother, I enjoy getting out of the house with my baby but don’t necessarily enjoy schlepping all the stuff that goes along with it. A key component to an easy excursion is having the right diaper bag. For me, it isn’t just important that the bag can carry everything I need but also that the bag itself be easy to carry. This diaper bag is definitely the one to have.

The style of bag that I have from Perry Mackin is the Zoey bag. It is made of water resistant nylon and has leather trim and leather handles. This bag has pockets EVERYWHERE! There are 2 pockets that snap shut on the outside of the bag and 6 elastic pockets on the inside of the bag built into the lining. I use the outer pockets for my phone and keys because these pockets are so easily accessible. I use the inner pockets for baby wipes, diapers, cream, pacifiers, squeezy fruit packs and I even use one for my baby’s sun hat and sunglasses because there are just so many compartments I can basically use a separate one for nearly every item I have with me. There is also the big main compartment of the bag that is in the center, surrounded by all the pockets. I use this space for toys and clothes and still have extra room left over to throw in almost anything else I need for the day. This bag also comes with a nylon pouch to hold my baby’s bottle, a nylon diaper changing pad and a mini nylon zippered ‘mommy pouch’ that is great for holding my money and lipstick (or whatever I usually carry in my purse). This diaper bag is the ultimate in organization. It holds a ton but doesn’t weigh a ton so I can easily carry it on my shoulder and carry my baby in my arms. Just to make this bag even more awesome, the whole thing zips closed so when I drop it or lay it down, which I have most defiantly done more than once, I don’t spill all of my belongings onto the street. On top of all of that, this bag doesn’t even look like a diaper bag. It has a classic look and beautiful sophistication that even my husband loves. So many of the diaper bags on the market have flowers, butterflies or swirls or come only in pastel colors and look like big purses. This bag is the solution to my husband’s complaints and he is more than happy to carry it. The bag itself is pretty lightweight yet extremely durable and so easy to carry. It comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that allows me to carry it over my shoulder or hang it from the back of my stroller. Maybe most essential of all, this beautiful bag is water resistant so I can clean it off or wipe it down after any of the many messy situations I encounter in my day.

-great looking bag that comes in various styles and colors
-ample pockets and tons of space so you can carry everything you need with you in one bag
-holds a ton without weighing a ton
-water resistant so you can wipe it down after a messy day
-comes with a changing pad, bottle warmer/holder, and ‘mommy pouch’
-has a detachable shoulder strap so you can hang it on your stroller

-while worth it, it’s a bit pricey

I love this diaper bag and I am so happy I own it. It makes my day easier by keeping me organized. I can fit all of my baby’s supplies plus my personal items in this bag and I know that when my second child arrives in a few months I will be able to fit his essentials in as well. The Perry Mackin diaper bag looks great on my shoulder, on my stroller and on my husband! And after a full day out on the town with my family I can easily wipe down the bag to keep it looking like new. I know there are a lot of diaper bags on the market and I have looked at many of them and even owned a few of them, but this bag is by far superior. It has everything I look for in a diaper bag, its functional, versatile, easy to clean, spacious, lightweight, durable, stylish, classic and even comes with a changing pad, bottle warmer and ‘mommy pouch’.

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