Comfort Design Double Trellis Play Mat


Comfort Design Mats graciously shared the Double Trellis Play Mat in Navy ($149) for our family to test, and we have absolutely fallen in love with this product! The feel and the look of this product is fantastic along with its practical versatility. The modern pattern and color of the mat make it look like a high-end rug from a distance. It is not until you get close or step on it that you realize it is actually a plastic play mat. This makes our living room transition from family playroom to adult living space seamlessly after putting away the toys.


The extra plush cushioning that is used in this play mat is wonderful. It has transformed our extremely hard floor (rough berber carpet on top of a concrete slab) into an actually enjoyable surface for us to play, crawl, and wrestle with our daughter on. Even grandma will sit on the floor for extended periods of time because it is so soft to read, play, and roll around with her granddaughter. Our daughter calls it the squishy mat and enjoys jumping, laying, sitting, crawling, and playing on it. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderfully soft and comfortable this mat material is!


Additionally, this mat has some great versatility. I have enjoyed using the play mat when doing workouts at home, from yoga to zumba dance videos to P90X workouts. It is soft enough to do sit ups on, but also has enough grip to practice yoga. It makes working out in bare feet at home feel great. Since I am also able to wipe the mat down, it is very easy to keep clean (after sweating on it or spilling on it). I was also worried at first that it might be a tripping hazard (especially for our little one), but I was pleasantly surprised that the edges of the mat lay nice and flat against the carpet, and it doesn’t roll up at the edges at all. 

The drawback

The only small flaw I could possibly find in this product is that it may not be able to bounce back from having furniture resting on top of it. We have our mat tucked under our coffee table and if we wanted to move this mat into another room in the future, there is a chance it will always have the divots from where the legs of the coffee table were. I cannot say this for sure though since we have not been able to test that fully yet, but it appears that could be an issue.

All in all I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone with young kids or who does home workouts. It looks great, cleans easily, and feels wonderful… I really could not be happier with this product. I want to get one for every room in our house.

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