Preggie Pops Morning Sickness Relief


For more than 90 percent of expectant moms, pregnancy-related nausea is a daily battle that can last throughout all three trimesters. While a small percentage of these women require medical intervention to keep them and their growing babies safe, most women’s discomfort is simply too mild to treat medically. This fact, of course, hardly seems right or fair when you’re two months in to pregnancy and have your head hung over a toilet bowl.

So what are the vast majority of moms-to-be to do to survive morning sickness? Look to all-natural relief, such as Preggie Pops.

Preggie Pops, Preggie Drops, and Queasy Pops ($4.50-$6.95) were created by two health care professionals as a means of soothing stomachs without the use of prescription medication. Calling on the strength of powerhouse herbs ginger, peppermint, lavender, and citrus, the Pops use all-natural food items to safely—and deliciously—ease nausea related to pregnancy, motion sickness, and the like.

Brought to you by Three Lollis, the candies come in lollipop or hard candy form and are available in ginger, green apple, or a mix of sour lemon and raspberry. Ginger has long been heralded for its nausea-relieving powers. However, it’s worth noting that the ginger-flavored Preggie Pops have a sharp bite to them that may not be palatable to someone in the throes of a nausea wave. This flavor may work best to help stave off a morning sickness attack before it strikes—not help alleviate one. The fruit-flavored Pops, however, may be just the trick for soothing your stomach and relieving nausea.

The herbs used in Preggie Pops are generally recognized as safe during pregnancy. The candies are naturally gluten free and even come in a special sugar-free version to offer relief to moms suffering gestational diabetes. Can’t stomach another day of nausea? These natural candies may be your ticket to feeling better faster. 

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