Preggonista – montlhy style for mommies to be – a perfect treat for yourself or a friend

I ordered this for a friend and was thrilled with how great the selection of treats in the first delivery was.  The first box came with the cutest black dress, a necklace, some belly butter and a cute preggonista tee shirt.

In this box, the dress stole the show.  The maker of the dress is Seraphine, the designer that Kate Middleton favored while pregnant.  Seraphine is a French designer and the dress was really cute and high quality.  My friend wore it comfortably at four months and is still wearing it a couple months later.  She also loved the accessory, a chunky necklace that she can wear with the dress.  The belly butter was a treat as well.

The tagline for this company (with child with style) is perfect.  The dress and necklace in the box were perfectly stylish.  I thought this was a great gift idea, I had a lot of fun ordering it and then catching up with my friend to go through the box with her.  I definitely recommend this a fun gift or treat for yourself!

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