Review: Graco True Focus Baby Monitor

July 16, 2013 by

Review: Graco True Focus Baby Monitor

Graco True Focus

MSRP: $149.99

2.4” screen; night vision; digital zoom; 1000’ range

Graco’s entry in the monitor is a sturdy, practi – cal unit with a good-sized screen at 2.4” and moms will appreciate the rounded edges that make this the monitor that fits best in a nursery. This monitor has the largest range of those we tested, all the way to 1000 feet which may be important if you need a long range while out in a big big garden. The True Focus is the only monitor that vibrates like a mobile phone to alert you to baby’s cries when you can’t hear. It also has a digital zoom feature so that you can get in close for a better view though at that point, you’re likely to just get up and go to the baby. The baby unit also has a battery backup so you never have to wonder if the monitor is still working as well as an alarm to warn you to charge the parent unit. Like most of these moni – tors, infrared makes it possible to see baby in daylight and in total darkness.

Best for those needing maximum range.

 Review: Graco True Focus Baby Monitor

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