Review: Hygeia Enjoye recyclable breast pump


A breast pump you can borrow or pass on to a friend?  Yechhh.

Actually, there is one that we tested.

Hygeia Enjoye

I used a Medela pump with my first child and while the two brands are comparable (as long as I’m collecting milk to feed my baby, I’m happy) the fact that Hygeia is a green company that manufactures a pump that can be used my multiple women and recycles their old pumps sets its apart from the competition.

Here’s a more specific list of my pros and cons:


  • The basics are all there, meaning is it is easy to use, fairly quiet, can pump both breasts simultaneously, and has all the extras like a cooler and a stylish carrying tote that doesn’t scream “breast pump”. As an added bonus, I read a review online that the Enjoye pump works with the Medela flanges, which is great for me because I have extra parts lying around. That said, I still prefer to use the Hygeia flanges because there is just one solid silicon valve. My two year old get his hands on the flanges sometimes and I don’t have to worry about losing any tiny parts off the valve.
  • I like how the Enjoye pump lets me have the control to set my own speed and strength for pumping. I feel like different days require different modes.
  • All the parts in contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free. Isn’t this a must by now?
  • The reusable battery makes pumping so much easier. It is incredibly convenient to pump without having to think about plugging it in. I just recharge the battery every few days and it’s good to go. Not having to deal with another item that requires buying batteries is a relief.
  • I will be able to safely pass my pump on to a friend in the future!


  • The large play button has accidentally and easily been triggered when I put the pump away in the tote. I keep thinking of how embarrassing it would be if a recording of my baby crying went off as I was walking through the office or out in public. I wish the button had a lock feature.
  • Hygeia products are not available at major retail outlets, making it difficult if and when you need a part. Being able to order off their website online minimizes this con though.

To wrap it up, I am happy with the Hygeia Enjoye pump and am grateful it’s here to help me with my goal of breastfeeding baby.  I would totally recommend it to a friend, or better yet, I would let her use mine when I am done!

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