The Babywearing Shirt by Lalabu


The Lalabu Soothe Shirt ($75) is a babywearing shirt that does double duty as a nursing tank and carrying pouch. This has quickly become one of the best baby accessories I’ve ever used. It’s my opinion that every mother should be sent home with this tank top when they leave the hospital with their newborn. In fact, I think it’s almost a necessity.

Not only does it keep your baby close to you with a thin mesh lining between you and your little one, but it’s extremely comfortable. The thick fabric is soft, stretchy, and tight fitting. The fit helps hold in that extra baby weight you might still be carrying around post-pregnancy. I even found myself wearing it without my baby in the pouch just because I loved the feeling of the tank.

How it compares

The Soothe Shirt outperforms every single one of the many newborn baby carriers I’ve worn. There was no muffin top or back fat on display with this tank. While I didn’t have a C-section, I would assume this would be more comfortable to use than a tight, more structured carrier. This shirt also makes it easy to throw on a jacket or hoodie on top of it, which other carriers can sometimes make difficult.

The Soothe Shirt is also the easiest babywearing device to slip on. I didn’t have to watch a YouTube video on how to put it on every time I wanted to wear it. No more strapping on some confusing heavy carrier, I just pop my baby right in the pouch and go about my business. I can cook dinner, feed and play with my toddler, fold laundry, and walk my dog all while my baby is in the pouch as close to me as he can get!

I wish I had this for my first baby and I don’t think I could have lived without it for the second. Would I recommend this item to new moms? Absolutely, and I plan to purchase several more since I’ve found myself wearing it every day.

Ordering advice

If you do buy this babywearing shirt, make sure you measure yourself and go by the chart. I measured a medium and the fit is tight, but the baby weight comes off pretty fast so it will likely loosen up.

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