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Ready for decadent skincare that takes the guesswork out of deciphering what products are safe during pregnancy? Seni Naturals offers a range of bath and body products for the discerning mom and mom-to-be.

With a focus on safe, natural, and non-toxic ingredients, this small company lovingly crafts products ranging from body oil to a sumptuous and moisturizing balm for baby. Stock up now for a worry-free pregnancy and you may be so pleased you stay a customer long past delivery day.

Healing Baby Balm

I initially ordered the Seni Naturals Healing Baby Balm in Calm Lavender for my little one. The further she inches toward toddlerhood, the rougher and drier her skin becomes. From the ingredients list, I suspected that the balm would be intensely moisturizing. And thanks to shea butter, coconut, almond, and jojoba oils—it is. Organic lavender and rosehip essential oils give this salve a calming scent, perfect for smoothing over just-out-of-the-bath baby skin. The balm left my daughter’s dry patches noticeably softer—and I’ve even started using it on my own skin as well.

The downside? With its heavy duty concentration of oils, what the company dubs the ‘motherload of all skincare ingredients,’ the baby balm tends to be a bit greasy. For that reason, this product isn’t my favorite everyday moisturizer for my little one. For that job, I prefer standard lotions that absorb readily into her skin. But that doesn’t mean our Seni Naturals Baby Balm won’t be in our skincare rotation. I’ll be saving this one for a luxurious treat—a soothing post-bath baby massage or any day she needs some extra powerful moisturizing.

Kissy Lip Shine

I also tried out the company’s Kissy Lip Shine in Soft Rose. As a busy mom on the go, I don’t always have time or energy for a full makeup routine. After a few days using the Lip Shine, I found that a cup of coffee and a quick swipe of gloss make me look like a normal, functioning member of society—and not like the zombie I sometimes see in the mirror.

Similar to the Baby Balm, the Lip Shine is packed with soothing, moisturizing ingredients—all of which you’ll recognize (no mysterious chemicals here). Living up to its name, the Lip Shine leaves lips glossy without being sticky or tacky. The color is very subtle, offering a just-bitten hint of pink that’s perfect for everyday wear.

The Lip Shine is going straight into my diaper bag for any moment I need a bit of color on my face. With cute packaging and a reasonable price tag, the gloss would even make a sweet and simple gift for a new mom in your life.

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