Boppy Luxe Shopping Cart Cover Review


Since having my first of three children over five years ago, many new or improved baby items have appeared on the market. Most of the time, I pass on the new items and continue to use my older version to save money. When it came to the new Boppy Luxe Shopping Cart Cover ($40),  it has been totally worth replacing my old cover for this new and improved one.

The Boppy cart cover has a plush, comfortable seat lined with a soft minky fabric, a pocket for a bottle or sippy cup, and a large storage pocket which hangs down the front to store my items while my child and I shop.

Easy storage

When not in use, the cover folds neatly into the self-contained storage pouch for easy travel. It is not bulky and it is easy to store in my trunk without taking up much space. Unlike the older version of shopping cart/highchair covers, the Boppy cover has bright interactive ribbons and a plush crinkle book to keep the baby busy without the risk of items falling to the ground. My little one loves to chew toys, everything he picks up goes right into his mouth. The ability to attach toys to the cover so that they don’t fall out of reach, or even worse to the floor, is one I greatly appreciate.

The Boppy cover is the perfect size to cover most store shopping carts and wooden style restaurant high chairs. There is also a built in safety belt to keep baby secure. The fabric wipes clean easily and is also machine washable for bigger messes.

This shopping cart cover is a great shower present for a first time mom or a sprinkle gift for a repeat mom. The Boppy Company made another fabulous product for busy moms and families. It’s made with quality materials that are durable and made to last through the first hectic years of your child’s life.

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