Simple Wishes – HoneySuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags


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I am a big fan of Simple Wishes’ Hands Free Pumping Bra so when given the opportunity to review another one of their products, I jumped at it. I have been pumping and storing breast milk since my daughter was 3 weeks old. Lucky for me, my supply is at a good enough level that I was able to start early enough in order to get a stash before going back to work.

I have used 3 other breast milk storage bags, but what makes HoneySuckle different is the material they are made out of. They are manufactured from oxo-biodegradable and recyclable materials. This not only makes the bag eco-friendly, but it also feels a lot more durable than the other ”normal plastic” storage bags. It is smooth to the touch and its durability reassures me that my milk will stay okay when frozen and not get freezer burn.

The bags are also double zipped assuring you from wasting any milk while in storage. In fact, when trying to open the bag to transfer stored milk into a bottle, the zip is so tight I have a bit of trouble getting it open. When transferring the milk from bag to bottle, the bag also offers a pour spout making it easier to transfer.

In short, I give these bags 2 thumbs up. Well done Simple Wishes. You have put another product on the market that is not only simple and eco-friendly, but has also proven to be leak proof. 3 qualities anyone would like out of their storage bags.

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