Simple Wishes Pumping Bra


Simple Wishes (3 stars out of 5)

I have been using Medela Freestyle breast pump with its hands free straps. I liked using Simple Wishes nursing bra because it was just “simple” without dealing with all the straps and clips in addition to the breast pump, which was already complex enough. I also liked the support from its corset like design wrapping around my trunk while pumping. The Velcro system made it easy to adjust the size. The material was tight enough for work and also soft to skin.

The openings with double flaps worked fine with the breast shields. I inserted the breast shield from inside and found it helps setting up breast pump more easily by placing the shields firmly on my breast without my holding them.

Although I liked the corset like design, it is not structured as a real corset. The front zipper keeps it from having a smooth line at front, which does not allow me to wear it as a normal underwear. I carried it in my breast pump bag and used it only during pumping.

Simple, hands-free, good support, easily adjustable

Not to be worn as underwear.

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