Honey Buns Baby Skin Care


Bath time is the beginning of our household bedtime routine and definitely the most hectic time of day. With three kids under five years old, there is a lot going on. That’s why I was so excited to try the new line of baby skin care products from Savannah Bee Company, which promises to lull your little ones to sleep with calming scents.

Well-versed in creating gentle, natural beauty products that harness the luxuriously moisturizing properties found in beehives, Savannah Bee Company is branching out to babies with its Honey Buns Baby Kit ($38). The kit includes a Honey Lavender Bar Soap, Royal Jelly Baby Butter, Bumble Balm Salve, and a sweet and simple book on babies. The kit boasts soothing essential oils and comes packaged in an adorable embroidered zippered sack, perfect for gift-giving.

The kit’s calming fragrances are a perfect addition to our bedtime routine, helping to promote sleepy time.

The bar soap smelled delicious. I really liked that it was multifunctional as a wash, shampoo, and even hand soap. It was very gentle on my newborn son’s skin and the bar was easier to use than liquid soaps. After bathing and drying, we used the baby butter. It was rich and creamy. I moisturized and massaged the baby before getting him into his pajamas. The Bumble Balm Salve worked great for extra dry spots on the baby. His feet and hands can’t get enough moisture, so the salve worked wonders to aid his dry skin.

Whether you’re a first or third time mother, the Baby M.D. book is a great addition to the package. There are always things you don’t know or forget, so I appreciate having this resource handy in the nursery. It has information on baby’s developmental milestones, what to expect at each doctor’s appointment (there are a lot the first year), and other common questions and answers.

I’m thrilled to have been introduced to Savannah Bee Company and I’m pleased with their new line of baby skin care products. If you’re looking for a sweet baby shower gift—or some new bath time items that are super moisturizing, the Honey Buns Baby Kit may be for you.

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