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One thing that I love about my son’s pediatrician is that she is also a mom. She is not only an amazing doctor, but she understands the things that keep me up at night. That’s why I also loved trying MD Moms. Developed by pediatrician parents who combine their medical expertise with their love for their little ones, MD Moms offers clinically tested skincare products that are hypoallergenic, phthalate free, and synthetic preservative free.

After reading the ingredient list, I was eager to try the cleansing toilettes, the shampoo and body wash, and the silky liquid powder. A few highlights from my experience stand out. The cleansing baby wipes are especially unique, as they don’t strip my baby’s skin of his natural oils. Knowing this, I used them to clean his face after his frequently messy (and explorative) meals. I found these wipes so handy that I started carrying them in my purse for feeding on the go. The pack sells for $11.99 and feels like it will last forever, as one wipe does a great job cleaning up a pretty big mess. Knowing this, I’m definitely going to purchase the lighter travel pack to use for cleaning both set of cheeks when out and about with my babe.

I’ve also enjoyed trying the shampoo and body wash in my son’s bath every night. I was surprised that a product that is soap-free could still produce so many fun bubbles. And my boy proved that the wash is truly tear-free as water often splashed into his eyes and yet he never cried. However, I found that using a couple generous squirts in the bath every night made the bottle go pretty quickly. The 6.8 ounce bottle is priced at $11.99, a far steeper price tag than I’m used to. However, for the quality product, I do believe the extra money is worth it.

Of all the MD Mom products that I’ve tried, the silky liquid power for $17.99 is my favorite.  I’ve never experienced a lotion that applies so smoothly but dries like a powder. This stuff really works and a little goes a long way. I use it sparingly on the folds between my son’s super chubby arms and legs. These areas that used to get red and irritated now stay dry and happy. While it seems expensive, this product is one of a kind and will definitely last me for months. I have also used it to prevent diaper rash and again, the product works beautifully.

Overall, I’m happy I discovered MD Mom.  For someone who is willing to spend a little more to make sure my baby is receiving the best, I trust both the ingredient list and the expertise of the inventors. Going forward, I will buy the fragrance-free versions of these products. While the fragrance in the products smell clean and fresh, my husband is sensitive to scents and thought they smelled a little too much like a lady’s perfume. However, if you don’t mind a lovely aroma, the scent doesn’t linger on baby’s skin. Definitely check out MD Moms if you are looking for a new skin care line that works beautifully and is safe for your children.

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