Sophie the Giraffe


Sophie the Giraffe ($24) is one of those classic toys that is a must-have for your toy collection. So, when given the chance, I jumped at the opportunity to test out Sophie with my 4-month-old daughter. Sophie is a particular favorite for my daughter because the toy is easy to grasp with little hands and appears to be soothing for my little one’s sore gums.

Safe and natural

As most mothers would agree, it can be an unsettling feeling to see your baby constantly putting her hands and toys in her mouth. I take comfort in knowing that Sophie the Giraffe is made from 100 percent natural rubber—the same materials used to construct pacifiers and bottle nipples. It is made without any harsh chemicals as well. The toy is also easy to clean as long as you do not allow water to enter the inside of the toy. For cleaning purposes, I look to the video that is available on the official Sophie the Giraffe website. Essentially, the company recommends wiping the toy with a damp cloth and soapy water. That’s a bit of a pain, as I do love to keep things easy by running toys through the dishwasher (a big no-no where Sophie is concerned).

Unique and handmade

Aside from being an adorable toy, I recently learned that Sophie is handmade! That is so unusual given our fast paced world. Because of this, each Sophie the Giraffe is unique and may have slight differences in appearance toy to toy. However, each Sophie is going to have the same texture and similar patterns. My daughter is visually drawn to the contrasting patterns of her toy. We have incorporated Sophie into our play routines to practice developmental skills such as visually tracking, reaching, and grasping. I anticipate Sophie being a part of our toy collection for the next 3-4 months, as my daughter begins to master these skills.

Simple, but one-use only

I love the simplicity of Sophie. Nothing makes noise, there are no batteries required, and no irritating flashing lights. I’d love to pack this toy away after my little one has outgrown it at about 8 months, but the company advises against sharing this toy among children. Like pacifiers and bottle nipples, the toy can degrade over time and is not suitable for multiple babies.

All in all, I do love our Sophie toy and the history and adorableness of this product far outweigh the hassle of hand-cleaning it.

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