Baby Trend Falcon Jogger Stroller


I’ve been an avid runner my entire life. After having my daughter, I was anxious to find a stroller that would help bring together my new life of being a mother with my love of running. Of course, I double-checked with my doctor to ensure that my daughter would be safe and old enough to be in a jogger. Once given the OK, I agreed to test out the  the Baby Trend Falcon Jogger. I have really enjoyed this jogging stroller!

This jogger was easy to initially assemble. When assembling, its important to note that you will need a way to pump up the tires. The tires are quite similar to bike tires making it easy to move over bumps or variations in terrain. My little one seems very comfortable in the stroller given that the seat has a cozy padding and can recline at various degrees. Also, I can rest easy that she’s safe as can be with a five-point safety harness. The jogger glides comfortably over the road and is easy to push while running. It is also easy to fold up and store in the car, garage, or in my case, a very small apartment. 

I do wish that the basket on the jogger was a bit bigger. As a mother who always has a large purse and/or diaper bag, I am often worried that something may slip out given that the basket is quite shallow. The canopy of the jogger is a bit small too. I do appreciate that the canopy can be moved completely forward to shade the sun out of my little one’s eyes or remain upright over my baby but it would be more helpful to us if it was longer. I’d rather that the canopy be extended and cover more of my little one when running on sunny days or during a light rain. 

All and all, I really enjoy my Baby Trend Falcon Jogger stroller and would recommend this item to any running parent. 

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