Cybex Onyx Stroller Review


Cybex Onyx Stroller
MSRP $229.99

Birth to 55 lbs

Weighs 16.1 lbs

Known for quality German engineering, Cybex presents a line of strollers that are sturdy, lightweight travel systems packed with great design. The Onyx is their mid-range stroller, between the Ruby and the Callisto.

At just over 16 pounds, the Onyx is surprisingly solid and provides a smooth, comfortable ride with rear-wheel suspension that performs well, even on rough pavement. Its seat reclines to multiple positions with one simple pull and, combined with a two-position leg rest, comfortably accommodates your growing child. The shoulder and waist straps adjust with a mechanism similar to those in car seats, differentiating it from other strollers that still require the tedious task of pulling individual straps through plastic slides. Other noteworthy features include a large canopy and linked rear brakes for one-touch braking.

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