Review: Babyhome Vida Stroller


The Babyhome Vida is an incredibly lightweight and travel-friendly umbrella stroller ($399) that makes an ideal secondary stroller for families. The first thing I noticed when venturing out with my toddler was how easy it was to maneuver. It handles turns and corners with a very smooth, almost glide-like feel which I was particularly fond of with the winding paths and sidewalks in our neighborhood.

Steering with one hand is very easy and convenient when taking the dog along for a stroll. Occasionally when I need to pick up speed it maintains its smooth ride better than any other lightweight stroller I’ve ever used. A huge plus for the Vida is that it has height-adjustable handle bars which taller individuals like my husband really appreciate.

The seat is well cushioned and is actually fairly wide for a lightweight stroller. It also reclines all the way which makes for nap-friendly rides. I found the adjustable leg rest particularly nice for my toddler so he could nap without his legs hanging off the edge.

Portability is a major selling point for lightweight strollers and the Vida does not disappoint. It is super compact when folded and fits with ease in both of our cars. Opening and closing it is also a breeze. You can fold without having to lay it on the ground meaning you’ll never have to bend over to pack it up. The Vida earns major bonus points for having the seat material face out when folded so that crumbs make their way out instead of collecting inside the stroller.

If there’s one minor drawback to the Vida it would be that the harness is tough to adjust as your child grows. In all, the Babyhome Vida is the best lightweight umbrella stroller I have ever used and honestly, now I can’t imagine life without it.

As a side note, if you live somewhere hot and sunny, like here in Florida, I would highly recommend picking up the Canopy Extender accessory to provide some much-needed shade. [Editor’s Note: Every purchase of the BabyHome Vida now includes this Canopy Extender.] 

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