The Cozy Cocoon Baby Swaddle


The Cozy Cocoon ($49.95) is a winning swaddle option for all. At the hospital the nurses do wonders with simple swaddling blankets. They wrap the babies snug as a bug and make it look so easy. Then you get home and attempt to replicate this yourself, only to find your baby’s legs and arms break free left and right. That easy swaddle is nowhere to be found. You may even find yourself on YouTube at all hours of the night, searching for an easy tutorial for a tight, safe swaddle.

As the mom of a newborn and two older children, sleep is precious for everyone in the house. The experts agree: swaddled children sleep best because it gives them the sensation of being back in the womb or being held. Babies kick and flail so much during their sleep. Besides hunger, waving limbs were always the sleep-ending culprit in my home.

My older children constantly broke out of their swaddles. For my newest addition, I was on the hunt for something new that worked. Something foolproof. I’ve tried swaddling systems that required me to insert my little one’s arms here and legs there. Ultimately, I found anything requiring a complicated wrapping technique confusing and ineffective.

Foolproof design

I was gifted the Cozy Cocoon and immediately loved the simplicity of its design. I slip my son into the soft fabric and he begins to calm instantly. The Cozy Cocoon couldn’t be easier and the available styles are whimsical and sweet.

My little sock monkey sleeps so soundly in his cocoon and I don’t have to worry about an unraveled swaddled in the middle of the night.

The Cozy Cocoon is great for novices and pro swaddles alike because of its simplistic yet functional design. It covers the baby shoulders to toes with no complicated wrapping. Just slide the swaddle on and you’re done. The soft cotton and spandex material is stretchy enough for a simple, snug fit and it’s soft to the touch. In addition, the company offers so many adorable themes for their designs, from frilly, to funny, to basic. Cozy Cocoons has you covered, literally!

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