Baby carrier review: líllébaby COMPLETE


We love this baby carrier, which is different than other carriers for a number of reasons.  If you’re looking for a versatile baby carrier that will grow with your baby, the líllébaby COMPLETE is a good option.  We’ve also have the Baby Bjorn & the Ergo (both hand-me-downs) in addition to the líllébaby as points of comparison.

The líllébaby COMPLETE has been great for me as my baby has grown and become more active.   My little one is totally comfortable in it, he can sleep or hang out and take in the sights facing out.  We use this for quick trips to the store, as well as for long walks by the beach.  In both cases, the líllébaby carrier has done the job.  Furthermore, the carrier is comfortable for both my husband and me.  It’s easy on the back and makes our outings much more enjoyable!


+ the carrier has grown with us – it was great when our baby was tiny, and is still really comfortable for him at seven months

+ my favorite feature is that it adjusts for the gap period between when the baby wants to be carried in the fetal position and when he/she can wrap their legs fully around an adult

+ the fabric is soft and cuddly; my little one loves it

+ it’s light – probably one of the lightest of the carriers on the market

+ no insert is needed for the newborn phase

+ really comfy for baby and mom in all carrier positions (front, back, hip, face in/out, fetal, etc.)

+ totally adjustable, especially for head/neck support and hip support (mentioned above)

+ tall torso, more support for the baby makes a big difference

+ the sleeping hood is great for beach weather (breathable, protective)


– out of the box experience was a little overwhelming, though that’s the case with all of the carriers – definitely worth a quick read of the user guide before getting started

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