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My husband and I recently moved into a new, very old house with our toddler daughter. Shortly thereafter, my partner–an able 30-something man–tumbled down our flight of creaky, wooden stairs. The sound of his accident sent a jolt of panic through my blood. It was the type of fall that, thankfully, resulted in enormous bruises and bumps, but no trip to the emergency room. If that could happen to a grown man, we panicked, what might happen with a curious and slightly unstable toddler?

After that, both my husband and I found ourselves online hunting down a safety gate to save our daughter from the same tumble. Our house is over 100 years old, with rich and detailed woodwork, so the last thing we wanted was a tacky laminate or metal gate clashing with the very soul of our home.

We needed something safe, sturdy, and reliable–extra points if the gate was also easy to install and didn’t require drilling into our beautiful banister. So, when I came across the Stair Barrier, I felt as if I’d hit the jackpot.

The Stair Barrier is a temporary option to keep little ones and pets from climbing the stairs on their own (every new parent’s worst nightmare). It’s essentially a thick piece of fabric you pull taut across the bottom of your stairs to block off the area.

After a few months of use, here’s what I’ve learned about this safety option:

What I love

Easy installation: The Stair Barrier is easy to install. There are two options to choose from–a barrier that connects wall to banister or banister to banister. I needed one that connected to the wall. It required minimal drilling and was up and installed in a flash.

Customizable: I love that the Stair Barrier is focused on blending into your home’s aesthetics. Customers can choose from several different color and pattern options–and can even include a customized design (say, a monogram for instance).

Safe: Above all else, I appreciate a product that does its job well. When it comes to my daughter’s safety, I can’t settle for less-than. I feel comfortable recommending the Stair Barrier for anyone looking for a safety option for the bottom of their stairs.

What I’d change

Clumsy: The Stair Barrier has not been the easiest to use, especially while wrangling a tantrum-throwing toddler. It connects to the banister by three buckles, which I found cumbersome and annoying to use each time I wanted to go upstairs. In a high traffic area, the Stair Barrier was a bit of a nuisance to me, but I could see it working beautifully for a stairway that doesn’t get as much use.

The bottom line: The Stair Barrier may be a nice option for you if you don’t mind stooping to unbuckle it each time you wish to pass through. It is constructed with quality materials and is certainly good at what it does–keeping my little one off the stairs.

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