Throw Blankie by Bebe au Lait


My daugther recently got her very first blankie, by Bebe au Lait. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft it is. The fleecy fabric is softer than any of my son’s blankets ever were/are, and the satin trim is so silky smooth. I am amazed at how good it feels to touch! I’ve washed the blankie a few times and it hasn’t lost any of its softness. The blankie is the perfect size for games of peekaboo and to cover her up for daytime naps. She loves to grab it and swing it around with her arms. The blankie comes attached to a cute little pouch that the blanket can be tucked into. Then you have a little ball to toss around and play with. I like the pouch for travel purposes- it keeps the blankie clean in transit. I can already tell that this little throw blankie is going to be her comfort item in the years ahead. It’s the perfect snuggle mate!

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