Toy wooden guitar by Les Zig et Zag


The sweetness of childhood

For weeks my son requested a guitar. According to him, he needed that guitar to play for mama, papa, and basically anyone who would listen. The issue was not getting the guitar, as there are so many to choose from, the issue was that I did not care for the electronic and plastic variations that are the norm when looking for a musical instrument for a toddler.

Enter the wooden guitar by Les Zig et Zag ($44) offered by Moulin Roty’s collection—a collection of whimsical toys for infants and toddlers. The European toymakers created a musical instrument capturing the sweetness of childhood through a soft palette of red, blue, and teal and a parade of painted animals. These small but beautiful images have allowed us to create stories and story time with the guitar, whether we get around to playing music or not. This has added to the learning experience for my little one.

Well-made and authentic

We are not a musically inclined family, so exposure to instruments has been limited, but the sound quality of this guitar makes us feel like this item is the real deal. The strings can be tuned with the pegs, and the instrument sounds like an authentic guitar, unlike the plastic versions we played with at stores.

I believe my child senses how special this guitar is because, after serenading family or engaging in jam sessions with play buddies, it always goes right back into the box it came in.  This kind of care doesn’t happen as much as I would like but I am so happy with the Wooden Guitar by Les Zig et Zag, as it has created special moments for my child and our family.

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