Marcus & Marcus Mold-Free Bath Toys


I want to start by saying I embrace germs. My son eats dirt, plays on public play spaces, and he’s thankfully a happy, healthy boy. But when I saw what was growing inside his bath toys, I couldn’t handle it. He loves bath time and could play there all day, but the only thing he likes to do with the toys is chew, chew, chew them. He likes to hold them out for me to chew on too. I tried cleaning his toys after I discovered the mold growing but didn’t feel like they ever got completely clean. After a few baths without any squeeze toys, I was so excited to try Marcus and Marcus’ New Mold Free Squirting Bath Toys. We tried the rocket ship, submarine, and Pokey the Pig.

All Marcus & Marcus bath toys are BPA free, PVC free, and phthalate free. They are made of a soft, nontoxic silicone that is easy to squeeze and perfect for slippery baby hands. They are also smell-free which is really nice compared to the distinct odor you sometimes get with new plastic toys when they come out of the packaging.

Within seconds of being dropped in the tub, they went right into my son’s mouth and it was such a relief to know what he was chomping on was a safe material. The colors of the toys are vibrant, and fun. They are easy to fill with water, and Pokey the Pig has a hole for each nostril so two streams of water come out when you squeeze him. The best part of these toys is how easily they come apart for cleaning. They detach into two pieces so that you can let them air dry after bath time. While it’s recommended to allow them to air dry each time, we often leave them for a few baths in a row and have never seen any mold growing inside. They are very easy to fit back together, and stay put together during play, which is nice too.

We play with these toys during every bath and my son is always reaching for them. We ran them through the dishwasher too after a bath time bowel movement incident and they came out the same vibrant color and in the same condition as they went in. The end of the rocket ship even went through the garbage disposal and you can’t even tell. These toys are very durable.

The animals retail for $7.99 each and the rocket and submarine retail for $9.99. I would recommend these products as a great gift or addition to your bath time toy arsenal. My son is not even 1 yet and I can see him enjoying these toys for a long time to come.

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