Kleynimals Toy Keys and Flatware


Kleynimals are innovative stainless steel toy keys and flatware with adorable animal faces that your child will love. I received the flatware ($39.95) and these are super high quality, beautiful, and practical pieces. The flatware came with two spoons and a fork, in a great carrier sack that sets these up for gifting or throwing in your diaper bag. When my baby first started eating solids, he would only eat from the Kleynimal spoons because they were the right size for his mouth. My baby’s one now and he’s started playing with the fork, which is just the right size for his hands so he’s even a little bit effective with it. Often the training forks just don’t work at all. Even my 4-year old wants to use the Kleynimal fork. It’s that cute.

How Kleynimals stack up: 

Here’s what I noticed comparing the Kleynimals flatware to other sets my little ones own:

  • The stainless steel spoon washes better than the plastic or silicone materials.
  • The set comes with two different spoons for different foods – one wide and a bit more shallow and one more narrow and deep. I find they work much better at holding different foods (veggie purees, yogurt, etc.).
  • These are the only utensils I have that seem to be the right size to function for the baby (e.g., the weight, length, and practicality).


I really didn’t have any cons to these utensils. These are my new baby gift for everyone.  I’m hooked.

To make you feel good about this purchase and supporting mom-entrepreneurs, Kleynimals was founded by a mom looking for toxin-free baby keys her baby could play with as an alternative to her real keys or other materials. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and dishwasher-safe. What’s more, all Kleynimals products are made in the USA. You can’t feel much better than that!

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