Vessel Tote Bag


I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to test out the Signature Large Tote Vessel bag.

This bag has been the best addition to my everyday attire. As a new mom, it is important to me to have a bag that is big enough to fit my belongings, in addition to all the essentials that come with being a mom. This bag fits the bill!

The tote is equipped with three small pockets and one large pocket. The small pockets are perfect for storing diaper creams, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer. The large pocket has an enclosed zipper, perfect for important valuables such as my wallet and keys.

Great structure

When I am not using this bag as a diaper bag, the large pocket is also perfect for fitting my laptop. The bag itself has a defined and sturdy structure which keeps a stylish shape whether it’s almost empty or full to the brim. The outside of the bag is very easy to clean and can by wiped down with a towel or baby wipe.

As many moms can attest, it is so rare to have both hands free. So often we are holding our little ones or attempting to multi-task and do 10 different things at once. It has been so refreshing to find a bag that works with me and fits into this lifestyle. This was very apparent on my latest trip traveling solo with my little one through airports, planes, and taxis. My belonging were easy to find and quick to grab in a pinch. A great feature of this bag is its ability to stand up when placed on the ground, allowing for greater convenience in locating desired items quickly. The bottom can then be quickly wiped clean with a sanitizing wipe and you will be on your way.

I have been very happy with this product and would recommend this for any traveling moms.

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