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Tired of shoving too much stuff into too small of a diaper bag? Or fishing for lost pacifiers, wipes, and small matchbox cars in your bag? We won’t even talk about that old apple you found in there once. How are diaper bags both like a black hole and nearly always too small?

Enter the Waverly Carryall Diaper Bag that I had the pleasure of test-driving for review.

Let’s just get this out of the way. It is huge! It is cavernous, actually. But luckily, that giant cavern is subdivided into 10 separate internal pockets, some mesh, some opaque, all large enough to hold diapers, a bottle, or wipes. It also has two external pockets and comes with a matching wristlet wallet with credit card slots and a zip change pocket. The wallet is in matching fabric so you can easily find it in your bag. There’s the standard changing pad and wet back included as well. The dust bag for when you’re not using the bag is a nice high-end touch. This carryall definitely lives up to its name.

Lightweight and comfortable

How are you going to haul all this around, you ask? Well, the bag is actually fairly lightweight for its size. It is well made with durable stain resistant fabric and faux leather padded shoulder straps. It also comes with a big padded cross body strap and two stroller straps, all which help with the load.

Honestly, it was very comfortable to carry. The shoulder straps are a good length, and I love that everything zips closed to keep my 2-year-old at bay. The wallet is awesome, and the whole thing feels very luxe.

A few things I didn’t like about the bag were that the stroller straps felt pretty dinky for such a large bag. They’ve held so far but I worry for the future. Also, the carryall bag comes in a bright aqua, Santa Fe chevron type pattern or the Fiesta print which I received. Let me tell you that such bold colors and big prints are not for the faint at heart on such a large bag. The Fiesta in particular is a very bold, large floral print that looks all the brighter and larger on such a big bag. My friend loved it. I did not feel that comfortable wearing it. So it is definitely a taste preference but for me, I really wish Waverly would offer some more neutral options on this bag as they do for their framed/snap top diaper bags.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a workhorse diaper bag that will endure for the long haul, look no further. This bag will serve you well on weekend trips, swim sessions, picnics and the like. If you have two kids, this is a no brainer. If you have only one kid, this bag may be overkill. But then again, it is rather amazing how much stuff we moms have to tote around. Might as well look cute doing it!

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