What Muffin Top?


Now that baby Oliver’s 5 months old, Art Director Tracie King has a thing or two to share about the latest postpartum body shapers

“They put some real thought into this ­compression tank’s ‘muffinology’ and anti-roll bottom. Plus, the name is genius.” Belly Bandit Mother Tucker, $70, bellybandit.com; Honorable mention for top and tummy ­support (not shown): DuMi Shapewear Body ­Sculpting Shelf Bra Tank, $64, du-mi.com

“My friend is addicted to this after just ­having her second baby. She says it changes her figure and even corrects her posture. But if you’ve had a C-section, check with your ob/gyn before trying it.” Flats Belly Wraps Bikini Post-Pregnancy Garment, $55, flatsbellywraps.com

“If you’ve had a C-section, I ­recommend these support ­panties. They come with and without scar-soothing silicone in a simple seamless design.” C-Panty TummyCut Incision Care, $48, cpanty.com

“This ­postpartum abdominal wrap has handy inner waistline measurements. It sure helps to see the ­progress.” Anew Cinch, $86, byanew.com

“This top keeps my middle smooth but still allows easy access (and ­expansion) for nursing.” Shape Changers Original Cami in Black, $50, ­shapechangersclothing.com

“This great body shaper is a bargain, and I love the wide band.” Amon Maternity Bodyshaper in Black, $25, amonmaternity.com

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