What’s for Lunch, Mom?


We asked four future foodies (and their moms) to sample organic frozen baby food. The judges’ verdicts:

From top to bottom:

“Max rejects peas from a jar, but he liked HAPPYBABY peas—and the carrots and squash, too. He even liked the apples better than my homemade applesauce! The food looks bright and fresh and tastes great—of course I tested it. I make his food, but if you want high-quality frozen food, this would certainly be it.”
—Amy Traverso, Cambridge, MA

HAPPYBABY Fresh Frozen Organic Baby Meals in Purer Pears | $5 for 12 cubes (12 oz.)

“Aidan inhaled these Tastybaby food samples. All of the jarred baby foods I’ve previously tried, even the natural and organic brands, seem to have the flavor processed out of them. But since these are flash-frozen, they are, well, tasty! I had a little nibble myself, just for the sake of thorough testing.”
—Merrilyn Johnson, Zephrhills, FL

Tastybaby Organic Baby Food in Corn in the USA Sweet Corn Purée | $6 for 3-pack (10.5 oz.)

“Plum Organics baby food would be great for people who make their own; it seems very close to that. You could tell that it was fresh and not processed. But it didn’t really thaw overnight in the refrigerator, so it wasn’t as convenient as jarred. I might buy it for stay-at-home meals, not meals on the go.”

—Jennifer Gamet, Waxhaw, NC

Plum Organics Frozen Baby Food in Sweet Potatoes | $4 for 2-pack (8 oz.)

“I thought the BOBOBABY apples were delicious, but you would’ve thought I was feeding Ruby lemons! The second time we tried them, I added some cinnamon and she liked them. I’ll continue to make her food, but this fast, healthy option would be handy to have for days when we’re on the go.”

—Shannon Stewart, Toronto, ON

BOBOBABY Organic Frozen Pureed Baby Food in Apple | $6 for 12 portions (10 oz.)

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