Woombie Swaddle Review


winter-woombieAs a new mother of twins, I understand the importance of swaddling to help keep your baby asleep. However, no matter how many times I practiced with a muslin blanket, I was forced to finally admit defeat.

Ever since, I have been on the search for a foolproof swaddling system. My criterium? No learning curve.

On my journey toward the perfect swaddler, I have sampled four different types of sacks and blankets. I can confidently say that the Woombie is by far my favorite. I first tried a standard pouch swaddle with velcro closures. In theory, this is a good idea, but the velcro never lined up and my babies were still often able to wiggle their arms out. I also worried that the excess fabric would be a suffocation hazard.

Next I moved on to a zipper swaddle, similar in design to the Woombie, but it has large pieces of fabric that wrap around and velcro the arms down. I did like this style better than the previous one, but there was so much fabric I felt like I lost the baby in all of it.

The Woombie, however, was a different story.

The Woombie is beautifully and thoughtfully designed. There is no excess fabric that bunches or poses a safety hazard. The fabric also contains lycra, giving it a fair amount of stretch. This allows the swaddle to conform to both my children who are definitely different shapes and sizes, and hold them both snuggly without restricting them too much.

I love that the Woombie swaddle easily snaps to let the arm in and out for midnight feeding, and the zipper can be opened from the top and bottom to change diapers quickly without having to undress baby all the way. My daughter slept better than she had in weeks the first night we tried the winter Woombie. Now both babies use the Woombie every night. I would highly recommend this swaddle to anyone.

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