Woombie’s Big Peanut Sleeping Bag


Among the many swaddle and sleepwear products Woombie sells, the Big Peanut is a favorite. It’s an adorable take on a kids’ sleeping bag. The vibrant colors, fun ears on the hood, and quality materials make for an enjoyable sleeping experience—whether used indoors or out.

The Big Peanut is a lightweight, high quality sleeping bag perfect for ages 3-10. The product is well-made with a nylon shell and a soft fleece lining. The interior fleece of the sleeping bags come in colorful shades, allowing the consumer to choose from blue, pink, or green. I love the hood that is attached to the bag, as children’s heads always seem to get cold while camping. It also has adorable ears that decorate the hood of the sleeping bag, giving the perfect sweet touch to a big kids product.

The Big Peanut is easy to use and easy to put away. It comes with a nylon storage bag and is plenty big to fit the rolled up bag into. My 3-year-old son, with some help, can take out and put away the bag with ease. The price of the sleeping bag seems pretty reasonable and is very comparable to other quality-made sleeping bag ranging from $44 to $58. The prices differ dependent on whether one purchases on Woombie’s website or Amazon (the Woombie website is cheaper!)

Although the extent of usage has been limited to my son cozying up on the couch, I haven’t found much of a downside to the Big Peanut. As a parent and consumer, one of my biggest concerns is quality and durability. The Big Peanut has been washed and used several times and I still see the “newness” in the product.

I am eager about my son trying this out in the summer months while camping. He is very excited to have his own sleeping bag that he can take with him on trips. I’m confident that he will stay warm, snug, and will get many years of usage out of it.


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