QuickSmart Backpack Stroller


We gave the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller the ultimate test by taking it up and down steep, uneven sidewalks and through a crowded Farmers Market. How did it do? We loved it! Check out the full pros and cons:


Once you’ve had practice folding and unfolding it a couple times, converting this stroller from one state to another is really easy! It only took a couple minutes to collapse it in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. The ability to throw the stroller on your back is great for those moments when pushing a stroller through a thick crowd just isn’t possible anymore.

Great size and height. It feels substantial enough to be a solid stroller while being almost as small as an umbrella stroller. The handle curves around and is fully padded at the top and along the sides. This is great for those of us who are shorter and want to grip the sides, as well as for those who are taller and want to stand up straight while comfortably gripping the top bar.

It’s really light! At just under 11 pounds, this stroller is light enough to throw on your back, carry by your side or push up a hill.

Comes with its own backpack. Slip the stroller into the accompanying bag (hint: you may have to press on the wheels a bit to zip it up, but it does fit!) to keep dirty wheels from hitting your back.

3 wheels make it easier to maneuver. With only one wheel in front, this stroller has no problem on uneven pavement and is incredibly smooth to handle. I never felt like I was fighting with it, which I’ve found myself doing with many other strollers.

There’s one brake to be applied, and it’s easy to operate. A good braking system is always important when you live on a steep hill like we do. It gives me peace of mind that this stroller’s brake is easy to use and very obvious.

You have the option of either a 3-point or 5-point harness, as the shoulder straps can be easily incorporated into the waist belt. They’re easier to adjust than most child harnesses I’ve dealt with and feel very secure.

The sunshade is one of the more effective ones I’ve seen. With two ribs, it can be adjusted for more or less shade. My daughter also found it entertaining as a great accessory for a game of peek-a-boo.

– Finally, and possibly most importantly, my very active daughter stayed put! She seemed to be very comfortable in the Quick Smart stroller. It’s relatively compact and has a womblike feel with sides that are raised. The sides are nice for keeping your child more contained, while also providing a nice resting place to keep active hands still for a bit.


It’s not the most intuitive to fold or unfold, so it’s good to try this out first at home. Once you’ve had a couple runs through it, it’s a piece of cake, so not a huge deal, but it wasn’t something I could easily do straight out of the box. They try to make it easier by putting big, graphic instructions in various places on the stroller and the bag, but hopefully you won’t need to refer to these regularly.

A narrower base with 3 wheels makes the stroller slightly less stable. Generally fine, but I did feel like the stroller could possibly tip a couple times when turning sharply on a steep hill. Of course, this was a pretty extreme case, and over regular terrain, it was perfectly fine.

When the stroller is in use, you still need to carry the backpack. Not horrible as the bag sits pretty flat against your back when empty, but you do need to remember to bring it if you hope to stow away the stroller at some point in your trip.

Overall, the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller is amazing with just a couple little watch-outs. It’s suitable for children 6 months+ and up to 45 pounds. While this stroller was great for a city trip that required packing it up to get through a crowded market, I can imagine that its versatility also comes in incredibly handy for travel. Small enough to fit in an overhead compartment, it is ideally suited as an airplane carry-on, to ensure that your stroller makes it to your destination in one piece. Love that this product accomplishes the task of being easily foldable and portable while also being an excellent stroller while in use. It is available online at Amazon.com, Diapers.com, Wayfair.com, Babyage.com and RightStart.com. Highly recommended for parents on the go!

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