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Oh, the placenta. Of course you know its functions during pregnancy: supplying the fetus with maternal nutrients and disposing of waste. But you might be surprised to learn what some people are doing with the placenta after delivery! By Hilary Zalon and Laurie Grossman.

We all know the saying, but are you really “eating for two” now that you’re sporting a baby bump? And, if so, do you have license to reach for a daily treat because “the baby loves chocolate cake?” Tempting, for sure—but wrong! By Kate Geagan, M.S., R.D.

Those faint voices coming from inside are actually your first whispers of mother’s intuition. Here’s how to honor your new role and hear—loud and clear—what you already know. By Ziba Kashef, Editor at Large.

In the months prior to the birth of my first child, as I was busy choosing curtains, creating a registry, stressing about work, and planning for the major life change to come, it became clear that some friends were going to stick around—and some were going to fly the coop....