18 baby names with cute and quirky nicknames


A nickname can offer wonderful versatility when it comes to choosing a baby name. If you’d like a classic, formal name for your little one, but your partner is hoping for a more unique and quirky moniker, the right nickname may allow for both. Truth be told, a nickname can be the ultimate compromising tool, making sure both you and your partner have your voices heard.

To this end, we’ve compiled 18 strong, traditional names and their less ordinary diminutives. Take a peek below and let us know if there’s a formal name and quirky nickname combination you love, or even loathe.

Baby names and nicknames for girls

Louisa: Lou, Lulu, Isa

Charlotte: Char, Charlie, Lottie

Isabel: Isa, Belle, Izzy

Cordelia: Delia, Coco, Cory, Dee

Evangeline: Angel, Evie

Francine: Francie, Franny, Frankie

Anastasia: Stacy, Ana, Annie, Stasia

Victoria: Tori, Vickie

Gabriella: Ella, Brie, Gabe

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Baby names and nicknames for Boys

Alexander: Xander, Lex

Christopher: Topher, Chip

James: Jamie, Jaz

August: Gus, Aggie

Julian: Jules, Jude

Quentin: Quinn, Q

Remington: Remy, Ren

Theodore: Theo, Teddy, Tad

Finnegan: Finn

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Do any of these baby names catch your eye? Are you and your partner using a quirky nickname as a compromise? We want to hear from real moms like you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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