5 tips for relieving breast pain during pregnancy


Your body undergoes many changes throughout pregnancy, and one of the more painful side effects is swollen and tender breasts. When your hormones start to do their work on your body, it causes an increase in blood flow and changes in breast tissue. As a result, you may experience sore, tingly, sensitive and swollen breasts. 

You may have noticed that breast tenderness was one of the first indications that you were pregnant. Changes to your breast, including swelling and sensitivity, can start between the fourth and sixth week and last throughout the first trimester. 

How you can relieve breast pain

Buy a good bra: The best way to deal with sore breasts is to invest in a good, supportive bra or two. You'll want to make sure that you get fitted by a salesperson in a department store or maternity shop, someone who knows the changes that breasts go through during pregnancy. You'll find that cotton bras are the most comfortable and breathable, and that underwires cause discomfort. 

Make sure you have room to grow: Don't forget to purchase a bra that has room to grow, because your breasts will likely go up one or two cup sizes. Your chest circumference will also increase, so get a bra that still fits when the clasp is on the tightest setting so that you can still wear it in a few months. 

Invest in breast pads: It isn't uncommon for your nipples to be extremely sensitive during the first several weeks of pregnancy. If you find that the lining of your bra is causing you pain, buy breast pads. They can help shield your nipple from the lining of your bra and decrease the pain that you're feeling. 

Sleep in your bra: You can help keep your breasts from moving and thus hurting when you sleep in your bra. This will give you the extra support you need to deal with the tenderness that may be causing your to lose the sleep that you need. 

Take a warm bath: Aside from the relaxation you’ll feel in the bathtub, taking a warm bath can sooth achy breasts. However, you'll want to make sure that the bath water isn't too hot (more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit) so that you don't harm your baby.

How are you dealing with swollen and tender breasts? Share your at-home remedies in the comments below!


  1. A lot of pain in both breasts. Six months complete pregnancy. Pls tel how to reduce the breast pain

  2. Help ! Im having so much breast pain in my left breast not so much in my right one and im 19weeks what can i use or do to solve the problem

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