3 safe ways to clean your home during pregnancy


It’s a scary thought that no one wants to entertain, but our homes could be a potential wonderland of toxins. Between household cleaners, personal care products and even myriad plastics, there’s a great deal of unwanted chemicals circulating about our living spaces. As you prep for your little one’s arrival, add cleaning up around home to your pre-baby to-do list. Here’s how to get started:

Ditch plastics
The National Institutes of Health has raised our alarms about the plastic industry, putting even BPA-free plastics in the hot seat. With plenty of well-documented research behind them, the NIH warns that all plastics contain health-hazardous synthetic estrogens, BPA-free or not. The good news? Almost anything plastic can be found in a safer, more sustainable alternative. Look to glass, metal and bamboo for starters.

Make your own cleaners
Corrosive, harmful chemicals around your little one? We didn’t think so. Ditch the heavy-duty sprays in favor of mixing up your own cleaning concoctions. Keep these simple ingredients on hand: Vinegar for deodorizing and sanitizing, baking soda for scouring, and an essential oil or two to bring a heavenly scent to it all.

Go natural
While you stock up for your son or daughter’s arrival, don’t worry about adding creams or lotions to your list. Baby skincare can be expensive – and often, you’ll find ingredients you wouldn’t want to put near your little one. Skip the stuff on store shelves altogether and get busy making your own oils to cleanse and pamper your child’s skin. That way, there’s no need for powerhouse preservatives to keep your cream shelf stable for years to come.

Tell us, are you cleaning up your home for your son or daughter’s arrival? Join our discussion below!

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