8 most common food cravings


While you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, you may begin to wonder about all those cravings you’ve heard about.

When will they start? Will I really make my husband go in the middle of the night to get me ice cream? What’s all the fuss about pickles?

Well, pregnancy cravings are different from regular cravings you get. Once you begin craving a specific food item, it isn’t going to go away until you satisfy it. That means you really might need your husband to make a grocery store run at 2 a.m. to get you that ice cream – after all, it’s about giving baby what baby wants … and now!

Top pregnancy cravings
Pickles will give you the perfect combination of sour, tart and crunch you’re searching for. The vinegar often provides a refreshing taste, and thankfully they’re low in calories, so you won’t really have to watch how many you eat.

A common pregnancy craving for women is spicy foods. Hot wings, curry and red peppers are popular among moms-to-be. The hotness of the foods will cause you to sweat and cool off your body temperature. If you’ve noticed you’re getting some heartburn, however, watch out for these cravings because they can leave you feeling uncomfortable for hours on end.

Now, about that ice cream. The cool, creamy texture is a preferred craving and the variety of flavors such as chocolate, mint and cookie dough as well as toppings including dried fruit, gummy bears and nuts will shoot this tasty treat to the top of your pregnancy must-haves.

You may not have thought of ice as a possible craving, but you’ll be amazed when you learn how much you love chewing on it. Since it isn’t a food, it may seem like you can’t crave it, but it’ll cool you off and even relieve inflammation in the mouth and tongue, a common symptom suffered by those with anemia, a common side effect of pregnancy. However, it’s important not to chew ice too often, as it may cause tooth issues later.

Junk food won’t be the only thing you’re craving during your nine months of baby growing. Fruit and even vegetables are a favorite among pregnant women and are not only good for you but good for baby too.

Two cravings you’ll want to watch out for while you’re pregnant are soda and coffee. Although the sizzle of a carbonated beverage can provide the ultimate satisfaction, any sodas that are caffeinated are not good for you or your bundle of joy. Stick to non-caffeinated drinks. As for coffee, many doctors put it on the “do not consume” list due to the caffeine. Although it can help to decrease headaches, depression and make you more alert, opt of decaffeinated.

If you think you’re craving something that might not be good for you or your bun in the oven, call your OB-GYN office and speak with a nurse or your physician, they’ll be able able to tell you if what you want to eat is safe.


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