A no-no food that might help you conceive?


A delicious pre-pregnancy diet

Are you trying to conceive? Recent research suggests that you might have a better chance of becoming pregnant if you eat a diet that’s rich in natural fats, like the kind you get from butter, mayonnaise and whole milk.

Researchers at Harvard University found that women who ate the whole-fat versions of items like milk, cream cheese, and ice cream were more likely to conceive than women who opted for the low-fat varieties of these products. Women who consumed five or more servings of low-fat dairy products had a greater chance than their whole-fat counterparts of developing a condition called anovulatory infertility, which is caused by dysfunctional ovaries.

Having said that, the findings, while interesting, aren’t conclusive. Experts say that there are simply too many factors—like weight and stress—that influence ovulation, and that it’s impossible to say for certain whether the low-fat dairy products are causing fertility issues for these women.

Still, if you’re trying to start a family, you can’t ask for a better excuse to get that giant tub of Ben & Jerry’s that you’ve been craving. What are your thoughts on this recent research? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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