Book Review: Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy


Get off the Hormone Roller Coaster.

Are you putting up with a lot of discomfort instead of sailing through pregnancy? If your answer is yes, this new book by an ob/gyn and reproductive endocrinologist might be for you. Dr. Robert Greene’s Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy: A Groundbreaking Plan for Having a Healthy Baby and Feeling Great will put you on track for a feel-good pregnancy.

Greene, a leader in hormone and brain research, takes this approach: Your pregnancy complaints are symptoms of hormone imbalance, which can and should be safely treated for your wellbeing. The book introduces you to what hormones are in effect during and after pregnancy and how they impact you and your baby, with a focus on relieving symptoms by altering your diet and lifestyle (and in rare cases, with medications and hormone treatments). It features a trimester-by-trimester guide to taking good care of yourself, plus sections on labor and the postpartum period, with special troubleshooting chapters that cover sexuality, body image, lack of sleep, breast pain, and whirling emotions. Quizzes, Q&As, and a personal approach make it seem like the doctor is right there with you.

Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy – Amazon $15.95

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