Check out these 5 prenatal yoga moves


Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean ceasing your yoga routine. In fact, this great activity can help you stay relaxed amid all the excitement. It’s a matter of working with your new body and adjusting the moves accordingly. Here are some basic moves to get you started.

Tranquil pose

This simple move will be easy to undertake at any point in the day. Simply sit in a chair, straighten your back, keep your shoulders back and rest your hands on your belly. Forget all your worries and concentrate on your breathing.

Adjusted downward dog pose

Accommodate your belly with this modified position and stretch your hamstrings and back while you’re at it. Grab that chair, place your hands on the back and stand with your feet under your hips. Lower your torso slowly until your head and back are lined up and parallel with the ground. Gently move your hips away from the chair for more stretch.

Clasp hands behind back

There’s a lot happening in your body, and it can be difficult to catch your breath at times. Counter this by sitting cross-legged on your trusty yoga mat, clasping your hands behind your back, keeping your elbows bent and slowly stretching back, squeezing your shoulder blades and widening your collarbone. Rest your hands behind you and straighten your elbows while tilting your head back. Breathe slowly and return to a seated position when you’re finished.

Cobbler’s pose

Sit on your mat and keep the bottoms of your feet together. Keep your back straight and pay attention to your body. The closer you pull your feet to your body, the more you’ll stretch your groin. Do this slowly and within your comfort zone.

Shoulder stretch

Stand with your back straight, clasp your hands and push your shoulders back. This will stretch your shoulder and chest muscles.

Consult a prenatal yoga instructor or your caregiver before attempting any yoga exercises to ensure that you won’t overstrain yourself.


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