Choosing the obstetrician or midwife for you


Choosing an obstetrician or midwife to provide your medical care is perhaps the biggest decision you’ll make throughout your pregnancy, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the one that works best for you.

Some women spend weeks, maybe even months, searching for the health care provider that they feel comfortable with, and then there are others that find them on the first try. You might find that your doctor is a great gynecologist but doesn’t practice obstetrics or has a different view on birth than you hold. There are a variety of reasons why your current gynecologist may not be the doctor you go with, but we’re offering tips on how you can find the doctor or midwife that works best for you.

Tips for choosing an obstetrician or midwife

Reach out to your friends: You should call a friend or family member whose recently given birth and ask them about the health care provider they chose. Feel free to gather a list of practitioners as well as comments on their bedside manner, delivery philosophy, support after delivery and anything else that you may find valuable in a provider. Don’t forget to do research on each one to help narrow down your choices before calling to make an appointment with each one or making your decision then and there. If there’s a specific hospital you’d like to deliver at then you should go with a doctor who has an affiliation at that facility.

Decide on the provider: The majority of women have a midwife or OB/GYN deliver their child. However, not every one knows what a midwife does or if it’s something that they’re interested in. You should think about what you find most important in a practitioner who will be providing you with care during your pregnancy and make your decision of OB/GYN or midwife based on that. Anyone who may have a high-risk pregnancy or other conditions may find that it’s best to go with an OB/GYN and deliver in a hospital.

Consider compatibility: Pregnancy causes a whirlwind of emotions, from joy to stress, so you want to make sure that your doctor is someone that you’re compatible with and makes you feel comfortable. You want to feel at ease when you ask your practitioner questions and feel as though they’re genuinely concerned about your health and well-being. You also want to make sure that you feel like they’re interested in you and providing you with thoughtful answers to your questions.

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  1. I agree that you would need to consider if you are compatible with your OGBYN. It would seem that due to the personal nature of many of the services they provide you would need to be comfortable with them. I’m looking for a new OB so I’ll have to find someone who I am compatible with.

  2. You made a really good point about finding an obstetrician rather than a midwife if you have a high-risk pregnancy or complications. Twins run in my family, so I will most likely want to deliver in a hospital. I just found out that I’m pregnant a couple weeks ago and I’m currently looking for an OB/GYN that I like. I’ll make sure to ask my friends with kids if they like theirs.

  3. I really liked what you wrote about how you should reach out to friends and family who have recently given birth, adn ask them who their OBGYN was. With a recommendation like that, they could give you an honest review and say what they liked and disliked about the experience they had. My sister is going to be having a baby and needs to find a specialist. We’ll have to talk to some of her friends that are in the same stage of life, and see what their experiences have been like.

  4. My sister is already in her second month of pregnancy, and I can definitely say that she’s going through a whirlwind of both positive and negative emotions. She asked me to help her in finding the right OBGYN for her, but I don’t know how! It’s good that I found your article because I realized that finding an OBGYN doctor that my sister will be compatible and comfortable with. Thanks for this. I’ll make sure to tell her.

  5. I appreciate how you say that you need to be able to get along with an obstetrician. It would be good to consider their personality and if you could get along with them. My sister needs a doctor to help her through her first pregnancy, so she’ll have to find someone she gets along with.

  6. My sister gave birth last year, and a midwife was the one to help her. Now that I’m the one who’s pregnant, I’m considering asking the help of a midwife as well. However, like you said, it’s better for me to know the condition of my pregnancy first before I choose whether to hire a midwife or OBGYN. Thanks for sharing. If ever my pregnancy is not problematic, I’d consider a midwife.

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