Eat this – not that to curb pregnancy cravings


Satisfying Alternatives for Pregnancy Cravings

Looking for healthier ways to quell cravings?

Try these suggestions culled from moms and experts such as Catherine Jones, co-author of Eating for Pregnancy: An Essential Guide to Nutrition with Recipes for the Whole Family.

  • When you’re hankering for salty snacks, try air-popped or light popcorn, whole-grain pretzels, baked potato chips (instead of fried), or nuts.


  • If you crave sweets, try dried fruit. Or spread a mix of cottage cheese, plain yogurt or fat-free cream cheese, and juice-sweetened preserves on rice crackers or whole- grain bread. For Roxanna Agler of Chicago, cinnamon applesauce satisfied her sweet tooth.


  • In the mood for ice cream? Go for a light brand or try Popsicles, low-fat frozen yogurt, or sorbet. Karen Wright of Mankato, MN, indulged in orange sherbet instead.


  • Can’t give up chocolate? Jill Miller of Pleasanton, CA, substituted dark chocolate for milk chocolate to get the health benefits of the dark variety’s antioxidants. Or you could eat a low-fat granola bar with chocolate chips.


  • Instead of soda, drink flavored seltzer or fruit juice mixed with mineral water. Or sip Perrier.


  • Want hot dogs? Try healthier nitrite-free turkey dogs.


  • Hungry for cake and pie? Low-fat banana and zucchini breads are better options.


  • Feeling like a cookie monster? Opt for oatmeal raisin.


  • Be creative. Instead of always giving in to her craving for french fries, Claudia Barnes of Pasadena, CA, often makes a salad with olives and tangy dressing. And Toby Amidor of New York, NY, suggests a baked potato or fries made from butternut squash. Or try potatoes lightly sautéed with 1 teaspoon of oil; then bake in oven until crisp.


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