Five tips for safe travels during your pregnancy


If you’re getting ready for pregnancy, you may be wondering whether it’s going to be okay for you to travel while you’re sporting a bump. Whether in a car, airplane, bus, boat or train, it’s usually safe to hit the road throughout your entire pregnancy provided that you and your baby are both healthy.

While some airlines require a doctor’s note as you approach your due date (and you want to use general caution when you’re ready to pop anyway), you shouldn’t hit any snafus when planning your trips. Here are five tips to help you make traveling while you’re expecting an easy, comfortable experience.

1. Consult with your healthcare provider. Before you go anywhere, it’s helpful to talk with your doctor about any potential medical concerns or upcoming appointments that you need to schedule around.

2. Always use a seatbelt. It may be common sense, but some people still refuse to buckle up despite the fact that seatbelts can save your life – as well as the life of your baby.

3. Stay seated. On buses, airplanes, ships and trains, you never know when there could be a bump that might send you flying. Avoid standing up if you don’t have to, and always hold on to railings or seats for support when you do need to walk on a moving vehicle.

4. Pack your medical records and any medications you’re taking. It never hurts to be prepared in the event of a medical emergency by having your medical records and insurance information with you. Ensuring that you have enough medication to last for the trip will also prevent any mishaps.

5. Dress comfortably. Loose clothing that doesn’t feel restrictive around your belly or chest will help keep you comfortable and happy throughout the trip. You might also want to bring a blanket or a pillow.


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