Four tips for getting pregnant naturally


Have you found yourself longing for the pitter-patter of little feet across your floors, or the sweet joys of watching a toddler discover how big and bright the world can be? If you and your partner have decided that the time is finally right to have a baby, you’re probably bustling with excitement. After all, it’s not every day that a couple decides to welcome a new life into their home!

While imaging what it would be like to have a baby can be plenty of fun, when it comes to actually getting pregnant, there’s plenty of planning involved.

Getting pregnant naturally:  four tips.

1. Pay attention to ovulation
When it comes to natural pregnancy tips, the absolute best way to ensure that you get pregnant quickly is to chart your body’s ovulation cycle. This can help you not only determine what the best days to get pregnant are, but also allows you to gain a greater connection with your body’s unique rhythms.

You should also strive to monitor certain signs, like increased libido, breast sensitivity, cervical mucus and variations in your basal body temperature, all of which can indicate that your body is ready to make a baby!

2. Undergo a full-body detox
Some women are especially sensitive and have built up levels of toxins in their bodies throughout the years. This can negatively impact fertility and lead to problems with conception. Certain things such as caffeine, alcohol, gluten and even meat can interfere with your ability to create a baby, so you may want to consider undergoing a cleanse.

Eating foods like beets, garlic, asparagus, lemon and avocado can be a great way to kick off your detox and provide you with the extra nutrients you need to feel healthy.

3. Eat foods to increase fertility
In addition to a full-body detox, certain foods are known to increase fertility. For instance, consuming dairy products and complex carbohydrates like whole grains, beans and vegetables can be a fantastic way to boost your body’s natural ability to conceive. Oysters, which are considered an aphrodisiac, also feature zinc, which is essential for promoting good reproductive health and wellness.

4. Get down to business often
This can be the most fun part of the entire experience! While each of the aforementioned steps can increase your fertility and get your body primed for baby-making, there’s only one way to really make your dream of being a mother a reality – that’s enjoying a little alone time with your partner.

To further your odds of getting pregnant naturally, you should aim to have sex as often as possible with your partner – something that he’s sure to be accommodating with!


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