Marijuana dispensaries are giving bad advice to pregnant women | HuffPost


Doctors say pot is not an appropriate treatment for morning sickness, but that hasn’t stopped budtenders from recommending it.

Pregnant women often struggle to manage the relentless nausea and vomiting that can be a hallmark of early pregnancy. Some eat small meals throughout the day hoping to find some relief; others try things like ginger, anti-nausea medications … and weed.

Recent data show that the percentage of expectant moms who said they used marijuana has increased from about 2 percent nationally to nearly 4 percent in the last two decades.

Although the reasons for this small but significant uptick are not clear, many women cite morning sickness as a reason for turning to cannabis — and a new study published Wednesday suggests that legal dispensaries are hardly discouraging them.

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  1. Most new mothers, and back pain can make the experience of having a child more challenging. So what can you do to tend to your back pain? And what if you have had prior back surgery? Can you reduce the risk of back pain during pregnancy? A little bit of marijuana will help me or it will effect very bad, because i use to take before pregnancy.

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