Natural pregnancy tips: How to alleviate morning sickness


Morning sickness, a common ailment in first time mothers, usually happens between the first and fourth month of pregnancy. Scientists are still unclear as to why it occurs, but the main suspect is usually hormone changes or low blood sugar. While morning sickness is inevitable for some women, you can alleviate symptoms with some natural pregnancy tips.

Eat regularly
Eating regularly can help curb morning sickness, as most expecting moms report that their symptoms were at their worst when they had an empty stomach. You should also have a snack stash next to your bed so you’re covered if you get hungry in the middle of the night and the moment you get up in the morning. Some theorize that eating what you’re craving may fulfill a nutrient that you’re missing, while others believe that eating well can help alleviate nausea. A safe bet is to practice both theories. Give in to your cravings, but also try to avoid foods that might aggravate morning sickness, like fast food.

Get plenty of rest
Don’t be surprised if you can’t keep up with your regular pre-pregnancy activities. There’s no question that being pregnant makes you tired, and resting can do wonders for curbing nausea. Chances are that you don’t feel like running a 5K anyway, so you might as well take it easy for a bit.

Control smells
It’s no secret that pregnant women have extremely heightened senses of smell, but that superpower can come with a downside, particularly during the morning sickness period. Even if it’s your favorite food, sometimes smells can simply be too overwhelming. One way to combat this is to carry around a handkerchief to put over your nose when smells start to permeate. You should also consider having someone else take over the shopping and cooking if possible – if no one can shop for you, there are some services that allow you to order groceries online.

Take some ginger
Most pregnant women in the first few months of their pregnancies would benefit from having some form of natural ginger within arm’s length at all times. That includes candies, soda, tea or aromas. Just be sure it’s naturally derived – fake ginger won’t do your morning sickness any good. There are also ginger Altoids you can order online that will help your stomach.

Change the timing of your prenatal vitamins
Prenatal vitamins can pack a wallop on your stomach, so it’s recommended that you try taking it at night or talk to your doctor about changing the time of the administration. In the meantime, you shouldn’t take it on an empty stomach. Your doctor may have you switch to a regular daily vitamin at night.

Stay hydrated
A big part of alleviating morning sickness is staying hydrated. Of course, that involves drinking water, but New Parent also recommended trying Gatorade or Powerade to replenish your electrolytes and sugar supply. Whatever beverage you choose, sip it slowly to avoid further upsetting your stomach.

Use lemons
If water is a bit boring for you, add lemon wedges. Lemon has been shown to subdue symptoms of morning sickness, either by popping a slice into your mouth, eating lemon candy, drinking lemon tea or lighting a lemon-scented candle. You could also pour some lemon oil onto your handkerchief and carry that around in your bag for when you feel a bout of sickness coming on.

Some women also swear by the power of peppermint hard candies, so if lemon or ginger don’t work for you or aren’t your favorites, you have a third option.

Morning sickness is no fun. Here’s a free download on things you do to stop morning sickness before it starts, or at least help lessen its effects.

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