The gender reveal cake – yay or nay?

It looks as though a cute (or silly, depending on how you look at the situation) practice is making a resurgence among pregnant women once again – the gender reveal cake. The tradition involves taking a sealed envelope that contains the sex of one's baby to a baker, who will then create a cake that's either pink or blue inside. The parents-to-be then slice open the sweet treat to find out the exciting news.

If you're one of the many expectant mamas out there who can't help but roll their eyes at such a notion, chew on this: several couples have even filmed the event and posted the "big moment" on YouTube.

Of course, it's easy to see why some women would be hesitant to take part in such a process. After all, discovering if you're having a son or daughter is an extremely personal process, and many prefer to keep this moment to themselves.

Still, those who have involved their friends and family in their entire pregnancy process may want to share this exciting time with them. If not, feel free to stick a fork in it!

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