The wacky world of pregnancy dreams


Now that you're pregnant, are you waking up more often thinking about that vividly wild dream you had last night? You're not alone – many women experience changes in their night visions once they start getting ready for baby. Experts believe that dreams often relate to your mental state, which is why yours might be a little nuts during a pregnancy. After all, your hormones are throwing your emotions out of whack! So what are some of the most common pregnancy dreams, and what do they mean? Here's a quick look.

1. Giving birth to an alien. This may sound weird, but it's totally normal. It might feel like you have an alien living in your body, and even your baby's picture on ultrasounds may look a little out of this world. It simply means you're not sure who your baby is yet.

2. Swimming, or lots of water. Pregnant women often dream of water throughout their pregnancies, and there are a few reasons why this could be. Perhaps its your body's way of acknowledging your amniotic fluid, or you're gearing up for your water breaking before birth.

3. Delivering an animal. If a cuddly kitten or a litter of puppies pops out of your uterus in your dream, don't worry. This could mean that your mind is preparing for a baby by first practicing on a pet – something you might have experience taking care of already.

4. Having multiples. Even if you know you're only carrying one baby, you might dream of having two, three or even seven. This might mean that you're anxious about the responsibility of taking care of a child and feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect.

Whatever you dream about, keep in mind that these strange visions don't have any real hold on reality. They might give clues about what's going on in your head, but they don't make you a crazy person!


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