To sip or not to sip: The great pregnancy question


Every woman with a burgeoning belly knows the drill – you’re at dinner with your hubby, he orders a fine glass of wine for himself and sips at it casually. Your taste buds are tingling – but what should you do?

The issue as to the safety of drinking while pregnant has long been up for discussion. It looks like there’s good news for those who enjoy complementing their meal with a specific vintage – The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health maintains that a glass here and there is just fine.

“Researchers at University College in London concluded that the children of women who drank ‘lightly’ – meaning up to one to two drinks a week – during pregnancy did no worse on cognitive tests at age 5 than children of mothers who did not drink at all,” the New York Times reports the study as showing.

Women should still be aware there might be dangers associated with consuming alcohol while carrying – according to the Centers for Disease Control, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are 100 percent avoidable if a woman does not drink at all during her pregnancy. 


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