Victoria Beckham – not the only one who’s too posh to push

Anyone who's a Spice Girls fan probably knows a little something about Victoria Beckham's birthing history. The pin-thin pixie, who is mom to adorable sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz (and a little girl who's on the way!), has had three cesarean sections because she reportedly was "too posh too push."

It turns out Mrs. David Beckham isn't the only woman who doesn't feel like chewing on ice chips and sweating it out in the delivery room. In fact, The Telegraph recently reported that elective C-sections are on the rise among the middle class.

Not so surprisingly, these statistics have raised some eyebrows. While some believe it's no biggie to choose the surgery over labor, others caution against using it as a fast-pass to parenthood. After all, a cesarean section is major operation that is often accompanied by serious risks and complications – according to the Mayo Clinic, there may even be serious side effects for your baby, such as breathing problems and fetal injury.

So, expectant ladies should make sure to do their homework before penciling one into their schedule. Nobody said labor was easy, but the less downtime you have as a new mom – the better!

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